Things I've worked on...


City Tech. Website content recovery, conversion, and transfer. (Learn more)

Tools used: Python, mysql, Hugo.

Our Block. Phase 1 user journey mapping, data architecture and sourcing. (Learn more)

Tools used: R, Python, AWS.

TNTP. Automated data analysis processes for school districts. (Learn more)

Tools used: R, Python, Google Data Studio and Cloud.


"Ensuring Communication for Social Justice Organisations with Unstable Internet" (Read)

"Staying Online During Internet Shutdowns" (Read)

"Understanding the Impact of Geospatial Data in Social and Climate Justice" (Read)

"Navigating the Ethical Map: Cartography, GIS, and the Moral Compass" (Read)

Coming Soon: "How to Tell the World Your Organisation’s Data Story"

Coming Soon: Contributor to a public resource on low-resource and other alternative tech tools

speaking engagements

"The role of free and open source software for digital resilience of civil society" RightsCon Costa Rica, June 2023

"How to build resilience into IM systems and technology" GeOnG, October 2022

"Reimagining Informed Consent" RightsCon Online, July 2020