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Mapping Student Needs During Covid

I analyzed several data sets before finally settling on this one about mapping student needs during Covid. Nothing quite hit the mark in terms of what I was feeling all year. Luckily, I’m writing (and doing this analysis) from a place of priviledge. Up until today, my family was spared the worst of this pandemic and everything else that happened this year. That said, I’m always curious to know how everyone else is living.

By cathy in Data

December 1, 2020


Whoever opened up the Jumanji game needs to put it the hell away. pic.twitter.com/vVqjLqJ9RK — K. Z. Howell (@KZ_Howell) March 27, 2020 I think we can all agree that it’s been a wild year. And while it’s been utterly exhausting, it’s been amazing in its own way. With that said, some stories I’ll be sharing here - others will be shared on my other blog.

By cathy in General

April 1, 2020